Women and Men Who Cheat Can Now Contain Science to Straying, says Pros

For years, women and men who cheat can't explain the actual reason why they commit infidelity. Some say it's because of the incompleteness they believe in their relationships, while some do it for your excitement and rush of adrenaline that some thing prohibitedbrings. But, even professionals can't state for sure why some people today stray but the others remain loyal with their own significant others.

More over, the dilemma of why men cheat, and women for instance, remains a hot topic now, especially with the rising amounts from the infidelity statistics. Just have a look at those numbers for the own reference.

Approximately 40% of married people are suffering from infidelity.

20% of married men cheat, while 15 percent of married women cheat.

The number of married women who cheat has somewhat increased to up to 50 percent from the 10-15 % in 1993.

Therefore, why do people really cheat?

Science is at Fault for Infidelity?

Many people place the blame of infidelity on individual nature. They say it is ordinary to cheat. But that you have the brains and the heart never to. More over, it is said that technology allows more people nowadays to devote their liaisons because of the simplicity the internet, notably social media, has put onto communication with their event partners.

And that is the reason why many spouses who overlook their significant others' loyalty make an effort to catch cheaters by email and the internet, in general. This really is where the cell phone monitoring software arrives to very good use.

However, is human nature really to blame in terms of infidelity?

Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg, an addiction psychiatrist and the author of"Infidelity: Why Men and Women Cheat" state science can explain the purpose behind this association taboo.

Biology: increased testosterone levels and greater dopamine reward system could predispose a man to cheat.

Writer: man feels he could be entitled to cheat.

Demographics: men, educated men and women below 3-5 years old are far more inclined to cheat.

It's all due to mathematics, afterall.

Unfortunately, with all the enormous number of cheating happening now, many spouses never find out about it.

Are you going to settle for that in case it happens to you? Or do you spy on text messages or your partner's mobile?

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